At first glance...

I'm the charming guy next door crossed with that bad boy you keep running into and flirting with at the local wine bar on Friday nights.

I'm an Australian Escort, Travel Companion and occasional Model - but don't let any of those titles sway your perception of me... As you are about to read below, there is a lot more to me than what meets the eye.

Im Jaxon Reeves


A closer look...

Im a 32yo, Mediterranean charmer and true gentlemen from Melbourne. In those years, I've become tertiary educated, owned 2 businesses, traveled the world, I've lived a bit, laughed a lot, and loved many times... and in the past 2 years I become a magazine cover model, and made it onto 5 book covers as the main character, lucky for me these books I graced the covers of were those sexy bad boy erotica novels you see at bookstores that are filled with passion, lust, love and hot steamy immersive euphoric desserts!


I grew up in a household of women, raised by a single mother, and worked since a teenager to get to where I am in life today. All of which taught me intuitiveness, respect and how to interact with others - communication is sexy they say! Those qualities then lead to me growing into someone who is caring with a sensual, intimate, and passionate side.


As you may have started to gather,  I have the experience to give you a fulfilling and unforgettable time, whether it be for just a couple of hours or for the whole night. Allow me to explore your desires and fantasies while bringing your whole mind and body to a state of pleasure. I pride myself on giving my clients a connected experience they will remember and want to keep returning to over and over again.

I'm an Aquarius and a giving person, so your satisfaction will also be my satisfaction. Your pleasure will also be mine, so it is time you find out first hand what its all about and why people entrust me with their indulgent needs.

What you can have...

An experience with me will be nothing short of engaging, full of substance and hopefully plenty of laughs.


It could be like a scene out of "50 Shades" or "365 Days":

I'll walk up close behind you,

With my hands gently grasping your waist,.

Our connection feels like a jolt of electricity.

You feel my breath on the back of your neck as I move in closer

You can now feel my body pressed against yours...

... Now lets see how the ending goes when we see each other....

If you are looking for a Intimate Experience or a Dinner Date Companion, you can expect a great time, connection and you will be made to feel like the only person in the room. I am renowned for my charm, humor and ability to make you feel comfortable within an instant. As I am told over and over again "I feel so safe with you".


You will be in great hands no matter how you choose to spend our time together.